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The Box

We provide monthly inspiration right to your door. Each box is themed after one of the nine muses in Greek mythology. In every box, you will receive loose leaf tea, information about the featured muse (like what you can do to summon her), and inspirational items such as journals, books, and creative items that you can use to bring out inspiration in yourself.

The Nine Muses

In Greek mythology, nine muses were born to Mnemosyne, the godess of memory and creativity. Each having their own specialty, the muses provide inspiration in order for us to become our true selves and encourage and share our gifts with the world.

CALLIOPE  |  Epic Poetry

MELPOMENE  |  Tragedy

POLYHYMNIA  |  Self-Praise

THALIA  |  Comedy

URANIA  |  Astronomy

ERATO  |  Love Poetry

CLIO  |  History

EUTERPE  |  Music & Lyric Poetry


Senses & Inspiration

Through our five senses, we connect with the world, each other, and ourselves. Muse Tea Box uses these five senses to help spark creativity by stimulating your brain through these channels. This box is not just meant for creative people, but anyone who is trying to get in touch with themselves and wants to reach their full potential. It also provides helpful tips on how you can get in touch with the muses yourself.

SIGHT  |  Through sight, we see the world around us, we take in colors and sunsets, we view emotions of people around us and are impacted by visual happiness, as well as sadness. We can view photography from places we've never been and let art touch us in ways we did not expect.

SMELL  |  Our sense of smell is more linked to memory than any other sense. Moods can also be related to things we smell. We can feel energized, relaxed, or sleepy depending on the aromas around us.

TOUCH  |  Feeling temperatures, the love in a hug, tactile objects like soft fabrics or scratchy leaves are related here. I also include things in a less physical forms like how something may touch your heart or including healing items for your soul.

TASTE  |  Tea is the main ingredient for taste. I also occasionally include other items that spark inspiration through your tastebuds.

HEAR  |  I am very inspired by music, which I show more on the blog (coming soon!). The box is more in tune to listening to your heart to follow your dreams and listening to your body during meditation.

My Story

Working a corporate job and surrounded by red tape (not the crafty kind) and lack of creative freedom, I was in dire need of a creative outlet. Ideas were piling up. I really wanted to help others and I was determined to help people feel connected and inspired, create and share positivity, and encourage people to follow their dreams. Life is too short to spend it unhappy! Muse Tea Box was born and I am excited to inspire you like the muses have inspired me!

Since I am inspired by so much, I can't possibly fit it all in a box, so I will also be recording inspiration on the blog (coming soon!), as well as social media. I highlight people who inspire me, music, positivity, meditation tips, DIY projects, recipes, and more! I also love to hear what inspires you, so feel free to reach out and share your stories.


Here's how it works

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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou